Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, New Goals!

So I'm a little bit late posting about the near year and new years resolutions. I'm okay with that. In fact, I'm pretty darn proud that I've found the time to make out a list of resolutions, because I haven't made real resolutions in years!

We set a few personal and family goals that we felt were pretty attainable, and I'm so excited to achieve them this year!

Here's just a few of them worth mentioning:

1. Earn more money through online survey sites. --> I looked back at my earnings for 2012 at a few different sites I'm a part of and I was VERY pleasantly surprised at my earnings. I didn't realize just how much I earned! I plan on cashing out once at the end of the year from every site I'm a part of and will use the earnings at Christmas time.

2. Become a more effective couponer in the following ways:
--> Become a better steward through couponing. In 2012 I found that the most joy through couponing I felt was being able to give products away to family members and others who needed it. This year I want that to be a big focus through my couponing. It can be easy to get stingy with the items you've worked hard to stock pile, but stinginess is not cute, and it's not happening in 2013!

--> Don't stress over getting the deals. It WILL be on sale again!

--> If it's not a money maker, not a good donation items, and I already have enough of the product, don't buy it! (Easier said than done. This one will take a little work. Impulse buys are hard to beat sometimes!)

-->Remember why I started couponing in the first place. My husband and I started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University when we were engaged and have continued through his program. One of the principles Dave teaches is that we should "Live like no one else, so that later we can live like no one else". I LOVE that, y'all! It's very inspirational to me. And frankly, couponing is not a very traditional way to go about your normal shopping. Most families don't find it normal to stockpile items, but this method has proved to save us the most money. We're pinching pennies now, so that later we don't have to!

3. Enter more sweepstakes. --> This is pretty self explanatory. Winning is SO fun, and I consider it a hobby. I love learning about new products and reading peoples thoughtful reviews and opinions about new things, but what's even better is when you get to try the product yourself through a giveaway win!

4. Organize a "gift box" in one of my closets. --> I shop for Christmas and birthday presents year round. Call me crazy, but I'm always after the best deal! Last year, I had a pretty ineffective way of keeping up with gift items. Honestly, they got thrown on our guest bed in a bucket. I was basically using our guest bed as a table. That will not fly this year! Gifts shall be neatly tucked away until wrapping time!

5. Pay off my student loans. --> Kyle and I have been working so diligently with this. I have been out of school for only 8 months, and I am proud to say that we should pay off the last loan in January or February! Most people don't pay off their loans that quickly, but because we have been living like no one else, we will soon be living how we want to!

6. Start putting money towards a new car. --> My current car is starting to slip away from us, sadly. Here lately it seems that little things are breaking here and there to the point that it's just hard to keep up with, and it's becoming more and more unreliable. We would love to be in a new car by the Fall, and hopefully we will!

So what are YOUR resolutions for 2013? Have you broken any yet, or are you still trucking? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. What great goals! So proud of you guys for paying off student loans. I'm STILL paying on mine! I was making good progress and then we had Darah...things get much harder to pay off once your family grows! So good for you! And very smart to start saving money for a car. We despise car payments and the two times we have had to buy cars, we threw money at the bank so fast that I think in both cases we paid for our cars within 7 months.

    I'm inspired by your goal to be a more effective couponer. Please share your couponing adventures on the blog so others can see your work and get ideas for things to buy and things not to mess with. I think many of us attempting couponing are scratching our heads at the end of the month when we realize we didn't save any money...we may have bought substatially more with our money, but we didn't actually SAVE. It's a delicate dance and it is easy to get caught up in the deals and over buy or buy what you don't need just because it is cheap!