Monday, November 5, 2012

Need a great gift for the man in your life? UT-Wire has you covered!

Hello there! It's Kyle again!

As most men do, I've got a lot of gadgets.
Particularly electronic gadgets with long powercords that typically run to a powerstrip and become tangled with all the rest of my cables.

UTWire has a simple, durable, and fun solution to those tangled chords.
They're called Flexi Ties.

They're a great alternative to single use zip-ties and old bread ties.
For applications like powercords, extension cords, or headphones, these work great!
For permanence I would most likely use a zip-tie, not because these would not do the job, but because I can find something else that I want to use my Flexi Ties on!

Here's a simple example of my use of the Flexi Ties on our church sound equipment.



I've owned a couple of different brands of these, but UT Wire stands out from the rest.
The outside material is soft, yet durable, and the wire inside is much easier to shape than their competition's product.

You can order the 5" & 7" for around $7 for a 6-pack.

They also have some have some cable management products call D-Wings, which you can see in the after picture. (They're the white clips attached to the table behind the mixer.)

They come in a pack of 18 (12 small & 6 large).
The large would be suitable for a heavy duty extension cord, and the small would work better for smaller wires like ethernet & power supplies.

There's lots of great ideas on their website
As a guy, I enjoy useful gifts and these would make great stocking stuffers for the gadget junky in your life!

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